About the site

I’ve always had an incurable desire for knowledge, a real thirst for finding out something new.

My interests range from math and science (obviously), to literature, space, music, Sci-Fi, languages, the Mythbusters, electronics, carpentry, computer programming, and just about anything involving explosions or fire.

I’ve been interested in various geometric shapes for many years, from the simple cubes, prisms, and pyramids made in middle school, to the geodesic domes used to build houses. Someday I hope to build my own. No, someday, I will build my own.

I have cut and glued numerous pieces of paper into just about all of the regular polyhedra. Some even looked “regular.” 🙂

Some of the formulas and equations that I needed (or wanted), I just could not find on the internet or in any books. If I did manage to find it, it never came with any sort of explanation of how it was derived. Most mathematical sites can be one of two different styles, either they think you are a genius and already know everything possible to know, so they don’t need to tell you, or that you are simpleton and give no formulas at all. I hope to bridge the gap. I am no genius and I hope I’m not a simpleton. I will try for a simple intelligence.

As I have notebooks and pieces of paper scattered around my place with all sorts of calculations and formulas, I have decided to build this site to be able to document and share with the rest of the like-minded people. Or maybe just let some student be able to cheat on homework.

This site will be a record of my explorations into the realm of geometry and polyhedra math.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment or email me.

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