A polyhedron is a three dimensional object made up of a set of polygons, joined at their edges.

Different types of polyhedra are:

  • Platonic solids (All faces are regular, identical polygons)
  • Archimedean solids, semi-regular, also called quasi-regular or uniform (All faces are regular, but not identical polygons. All identical vertices.)
  • Johnson solids (All faces are regular polygons.)
  • Catalan solids, the duals of the Archimedean solids
  • Prisms and antiprisms
  • Regular stellated (star) polyhedra (All faces are regular, nonconvex polygons. All faces are stellated polygons, pentagram, hexagram, etc.)
  • Uniform stellated polyhedra
  • Goldberg polyhedra (A convex polyhedron made from hexagons and pentagons.)
  • Irregular stellated polyhedra (Faces or vertices need not be identical)