SketchUp Platonics

I’ve been playing with Google’s Sketchup for a week or so and I had the thought of doing some polyhedra. It is often hard to mentally visualize a 3D object when looking at a 2D image, so I figured these would help.

Here is the first SketchUp file, the five Platonic solids.

You will need to install the program before you can view the file, but don’t worry, SketchUp is free.

Each of the edge lengths is the same for all five objects, just to give good reference to size.

In SketchUp, cubes are super-simple, so I purposely made it more difficult for myself (just for fun) by building the cube on-point.

You can use the Orbit tool (just hit “o”) to pan and rotate.

I will add more files as I make them.